295.1122/6–2650: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


945. Repeated information CINCFE. All AMIK women and children dependents, as ordered, and few women employees of mission, given option of leaving, were safely evacuated from Seoul to ASCOM assembly area by 5 a. m., Seoul time, June 26. Negotiations now under way with SS Reinholt, Norwegian flag, and SS Norelg, Panamanian flag, both freighters now in Inchon harbor, to take as many evacuees as possible to Japan. SS Marine Snapper, American flag, due in Inchon noon 26th will also be contacted. It may be necessary to request US [Page 155] destroyers, which understood now proceeding Inchon, to serve as cover to transport some evacuees.

While head count of those now at ASCOM assembly point not yet completed, it is estimated they number more than 700. In addition AMIK dependents, they include missionaries, United Nations, and British and Chinese nationals. Dependents in other parts of country advised proceed Pusan for evacuation where available shipping standing by. Names all evacuees will be telegraphed when list completed.