Editorial Note

The United Nations Security Council met on Wednesday, November 8, from 10:30 a. m. to 1:10 p. m.; for the record, see U.N. document S/PV.519. Over the objection of the Soviet Representative, the Council voted to adopt the agenda which called for a discussion of General MacArthur’s special report of November 5 (S/1884) on Chinese Communist intervention in Korea. The Soviet Representative then proposed the following draft resolution (S/1889):

The Security Council

Decides that during the discussion of the Korean question it shall be necessary to invite the representative of the People’s Republic of China.”

Following expressions of disapproval by the representatives of the United States and the Republic of China, the United Kingdom representative offered a counter-draft resolution (S/1890)—on the grounds that the Soviet draft resolution was not appropriate—which read as follows:

The Security Council

Decides to invite, in accordance with rule 39 of the rules of procedure, a representative of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China to be present during discussion by the Council of the special report of the United Nations Command in Korea (S/1884).”

The United Kingdom representative expressed the opinion that, if the counter-draft should be adopted, the United Nations Security Council should not be deterred, pending the arrival of a representative from the People’s Republic of China, from discussing the agenda, item and taking any decisions thereon.