Editorial Note

The following information is taken from Korean Conflict.

At 11:30 a. m. a high-level State–Defense conference met in the Department of State.1 The military representatives stated that Korean appeals for supplies had been promptly met and that 10-day emergency supplies were already being flown under air escort to Korea. It was decided at this meeting that the American military advisers of KMAG should remain at their posts with Korean units. In the political field, Mr. John Davies of the Policy Planning Staff commented that the fact that the Russians had gone so far so openly meant that they thought all the Far East their “oyster”, and pointed out that if they could get away with this move they would probably move in other areas. During the general discussion it was brought out that American reaction was of extreme importance and that the United States could not meet the situation with half measures. It either had to take a stand and stick to it or take no stand at all.2

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Further conferences3 followed Secretary Acheson’s arrival in the Department shortly after noon, at which the possible courses of military action open to the United States were discussed preparatory to laying the matter before the President. At 2:45 the Secretary telephoned the President and suggested that he return to Washington.4

  1. Attended by Under Secretary Webb; Deputy Under Secretary Matthews; Assistant Secretaries Rusk, Perkins, and Hickerson; Ambassador Jessup; Deputy Assistant Secretary Livingston Merchant; Mr. Achilles; Mr. Charles Yost (Acting Director, Office of Eastern European Affairs); Mr. Robert G. Barnes (Executive Secretariat); and Mr. John Davies and Miss Dorothy Fosdick (Policy Planning Staff) for the Department of State; and by Secretary of the Army Pace, Assistant Secretary of the Army Bendetson, General Timberman, and others.
  2. Information drawn from notes made by Mr. Lincoln White.
  3. Attended by Messrs. Webb, Rusk, Jessup, Perkins, Hickerson, Davies, Matthews, Face, Bendetson, and others, and joined by General Collins.
  4. Information supplied by Ambassador Jessup.