693.95A/11–650: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


1098. Occasion taken by Steere1 today to ask Menon whether Panikkar had reported any definite change in Chinese attitude toward Korean situation. Steere alluded specially to remark about Chinese action toward Korea mentioned in paragraph 3 Embtel 1015 October 28.2

Menon said Panikkar had reported nothing on that subject that he recalled. He sent for cable file however and gave Steere actual text Panikkar remark which followed immediately after his report Chinese protest of American planes alleged violations Chinese territory. Panikkar’s remark was as follows: “While undoubtedly there have been violations of Chinese territory these protests would seem to be for purpose of justifying before the world action they have decided upon in regard to Korea.”

Menon said unless Panikkar’s drafting was very bad this meant that CPR had decided upon some action in regard to Korea, and that he would immediately cable Panikkar about the matter.

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Menon further advised that GOI had had no report whatever from Sinha at Lhasa for five days and was beginning to be a little concerned about it.

  1. Loyd V. Steere, Counselor of Embassy in New Delhi.
  2. The paragraph in question read as follows: “Phrasing Panikkar telegram which was read to Embassy officer seemed highly unreal in some respects including obscure reference to Chinese action in or toward Korea, he might have intended to say ‘Tibet’ but on the other hand, he might have meant that some action toward Korea is contemplated.” (793B.00/10–2850)