Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Chinese Affairs (Clubb) to the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Rusk)


Subject: Security Council Resolution Re Korea

Reference: CA’s memorandum of November 3 recommending UN action, telegram 477 to USUN, New York transmitting a draft resolution for use UNSC, re Chinese Communist intervention in Korea.

In order that them be left no doubt—if any in fact exists—in the Chinese Communist mind as to whether the U.S. position respecting Formosa and U.S. action in Korea is preparatory to U.S. aggression against China, and so that the public record is clear, CA believes any action in the Security Council having as its objective the cessation of Chinese Communist intervention in Korea should contain specific and forthright assurances that with cessation of such intervention the Chinese frontier and China’s border interests would not be threatened. The draft resolution contained in the telegram referred to above appears deficient in that regard. CA accordingly suggests consideration of the attached alternative draft.

CA notes that General MacArthur’s statement respecting the intervention of outside Communist forces in Korea has given public emphasis to the matter of Chinese Communist intervention and has increased the urgency of any steps which we may decide to take relative thereto. It seems, further, to give added warrant to the above move.


Draft Resolution

The Security Council

Having in mind its resolution of June 25, 1950, calling upon all members of the UN to refrain from giving assistance to the North Korean authorities:

Taking cognizance of the resolution adopted by the General Assembly on October 7, 1950, setting forth the policies of the General Assembly with respect to Korea:

Having noted from a special report dated November –––––, 1950 of the United Nations command that Chinese Communist troops oppose forces of the United Nations in Korea:

Cognizant of the danger that the Korean conflict may spread to other areas thereby further endangering international peace and security:

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Calls upon the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China to cease and refrain from intervention in Korea and to cause the immediate withdrawal of any Chinese nationals, individuals, or units which may be now in Korea:

Affirms that if this action is taken the Chinese frontier with Korea will be held inviolate by UN forces and China’s legitimate interests in the frontier will be fully protected.