The Deputy Under Secretary of State (Matthews) to the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Foreign Military Affairs and Assistance (Burns)

top secret

Dear General Burns: In the light of General MacArthur’s special report of the United Nations Command of November 51 with regard to participation of Chinese Communist military units in the action in Korea, and the United Nations Command communiqué number 11 of November 5, 1950,2 the United States representative on the United Nations Security Council has been instructed to ask for an urgent session of the Council, for not later than Wednesday of this week,3 to discuss reports from the U.N. Command. It is considered that at this meeting the debate should be directed toward localizing the conflict and lead to the introduction of a short and simple resolution along the lines of that enclosed.

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The Department of State would appreciate the comments of the Department of Defense upon the military aspects of the operative portions of the attached draft resolution,4 as well as the views of the Department of Defense of the military significance of the Chinese intervention.

Sincerely yours,

H. Freeman Matthews
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