320/11–650: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


Gadel 96. ReDelga 236 Nov 5. In addition to considerations mentioned Gadel 951 it is suggested you call attention IC to vital importance of giving full consideration effect proposed action on ROK armed forces and Govt ROK which have suffered grievously because of the aggression from north of Korea and whose continued high morale will be of utmost importance to successful conclusion hostilities and accomplishment objectives of occupation.

With foregoing considerations in mind it would appear preferable that statement of principles such as that proposed with attendant publicity in Kor be deferred in favor of informal understanding between IC and UC or that any such statement be treated as strictly confidential.

However with respect to draft contained urtel 236 paragraphs one and two are in general acceptable as principles. Para three is acceptable if it understood that term “local residents” includes former residents of areas who were dispossessed or otherwise forced to flee by Commie tyranny and have now returned to their homes. It would manifestly be unjust and destructive of morale to treat such persons other than on at least a basis of equality with persons who remained in area and willingly or unwillingly contributed to support of aggression upon their fellow countrymen.

  1. Transmitted to New York at 8 p. m. on November 5, p. 1048.