795.00/11–150: Telegram

The Chargé in Korea (Drumright) to the Secretary of State


323. Embtels 310, October 29, 313, October 30 and 319, October 31. Another Chinese soldier was captured yesterday by ROK 6th Division elements in Unsan area about 65 miles north of Pyongyang.

On basis information obtained from Sino prisoners which of course subject confirmation, 8th Army Intelligence considers there now two Sino regiments, possible a third, in 8th Army sector of North Korea. Appears these units were formed by taking one battalion each of six divisions said to constitute Sino 39th and 40th Armies deployed along Manchurian-North Korean border. It further appears Sino Communist units engaged in Northwest Korea are not integrated with North Korean forces, but fighting as separate units. Information developed thus far indicates Sino Communists brought own weapons and equipment into North Korea and it heterogeneous nature, some US, some Japanese, some Soviet. Sino prisoners alleged they compelled cross into North Korea and did not come voluntarily. Some claim to be former Sino Nationalist soldiers.

Information from 10th Corps area indicates total of 18 Sino prisoners taken through October 31. It believed these Chinese come from units of Sino Communist 42nd Army.

8th Army Intelligence is of view, with which Embassy inclined to concur, Sino Communists will avoid overt intervention.