793.00/10–3150: Telegram

The Consul General at Hong Kong (Wilkinson) to the Secretary of State


945. Wang Cheng-po, Tientsin businessman known to Clubb, left Peking October 25 arrived Hong Kong October 31 and reported as follows:

At 11-day conference of top CCP leaders in August presided over by Molotov decision was reached for Chinese Commies participate in Korean war. Molotov presence Peking confirmed to source by Russian adviser Peking (source speaks Russian and lived five years Moscow).

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Past two months spent in preparation for war, including massing troops in Manchuria and moving vital machinery from Manchuria to Outer Mongolia.

October 21 and 23 preliminary meeting of Central Peoples Government Council held and on October 24 formal decision made to enter war. All members of Council were present and Mao led off with brief statement that because US invading Taiwan and Korea China must fight US. Chou En-lai followed with reference to obligations under Sino-Soviet treaty and invaluable help received from Soviet Union, arguing that from foreign policy viewpoint China must fight in Korea. Each democratic personage then required to state his views following which resolution passed and all signed.

Source says elements of first, second, third and fourth FA in Manchuria totalling 20 armies. Fourth FA armies included are 41 to 48 inclusive. Four of these already in Korea in Korean uniforms.

Source known to Boorman1 who does not entirely trust him but since much of information he provided to Peking Consulate was later confirmed, he feels above report should not be disregarded. Source is known to have high level contacts among CCP and democratic personages and is in position to obtain information such as above.2

  1. Howard Boorman, Vice Consul at Hong Kong.
  2. A note on the source text by Mr. McAfee of the Office of Chinese Affairs indicated that the text of this message was transmitted to military intelligence offices and that G-2 in Washington would send it to G-2 (CINCFE) in Tokyo.