357.AD10–2850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea


257. With reference para 10 of Civil Affairs directive1 while it is expected that the United Nations will shortly establish an operating [Page 1011] organization which will assume responsibility for relief and rehabilitation activities throughout Korea, it is not expected that the UN Commission on Unification will itself constitute or establish an operating organization. Therefore it is expected that those elements of the occupational headquarters concerned with matters other than relief and rehabilitation will not for the time being be transferred to any agency of the UN but will continue to act as the executive and operating agency for the occupation of NK throughout phases 1 and 2 in consultation with the Commission and the Govt of the ROK as set forth in the directive.

In accordance with para 6 of the Interim Committee resolution of October 12 substance of directive will be made available confidentially to IC within next few days.

In meanwhile in accordance with principle embodied in para 4b of directive you should, if General MacArthur concurs confidentially inform Govt ROK soonest of principles embodied in directive emphasizing provisions for orderly transfer authority to the United ROK at end second phase, for consultation with Govt ROK during first two phases, and for the Korean people themselves to bring about necessary changes in the fundamental structure of North Korea as well as any other aspects of directive considered helpful.

  1. Supra.