Memorandum of Teletype Conference, Prepared in the Department of the Army

top secret

Nr: DA TT 3415

Subject: Korean Situation

References: C–56777; C–56775;1 Dept. 931; 250655Z.2


[Page 135]
washington (g2) tokyo
Gen J Lawton Collins C/S3 Maj Gen CA Willoughby G24
Lt Gen M B Ridgway Dep C/S
Maj Gen Charles L Bolté G3 Col L J Fortier G2
Lt Col P B Davidson G2
Maj Gen A R Boiling G2 Capt C E Howard G2
Maj Gen S Le Roy Irwin G2
R/Adm Carl Espe ONI
Brig Gen Thomas S Timberman G3
Col Charles V Bromley G2
Col B S Talley G2
Col Frank T Folk G3
Col Schow CIA
Lt Col Jung G2
Lt Col John R Beishline Sec Gen Staff
Lt Col Richard H Lawson G3
Maj Evans AFOIN
Capt Brown G2
Dr Wade ONI
Dr Robert S Spencer G2
Mr Rov S McNair G2
Mr K R Bendetsen Asst Sec
Mr Bond State
Mr Evan T Sage G2

Washington: DA–1

What NK units were committed?

Ground—especially armor.
Air—and in what areas. (End DA–1)

Tokyo: FEC Item 1

Re item 1 ur agenda

1. a. Reports at 252100I5 indicate 3rd Border Constabulary Brigade on Ongjin Peninsula; two divisions, possible 1st and 2nd, attacking S on axis Pochon (1021–1682) Uijongbu (1005–1665) located at Pochon; 40 tanks reported 5 kilometers north of Uijongbu, 1st Border Constabulary Brigade, minus 2 bns, reportedly landed on east coast and committed in Kangnung—(1183–1668)—Makho (1204–4644) Area; two bns 1st Border Constabulary Brigade attacking south along East Coastal Road (1205–1645); 7th Border Constabulary Brigade located vicinity Pochon; 6th Division reported formerly in Sari won (880–1758) moving south toward Kaesong (958–1692); independent mixed brigade, possibly 4th Division, in general reserve, location unknown.

b. Map reference is AMS 55–1 to 250,000. No air identifications. Three of four planes bombed and strafed Kimpo Airfield at 251735I. (End Item 1)

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Washington: DA–2

Resistance of SK

Rate and orderliness of Army withdrawal.
Are SK people fleeing or remaining in towns. (End DA–2)

Tokyo: FEC Item 3

Re item 2 ur agenda

Resistance of South Korea:

Reports indicate orderliness of withdrawing South Korean units.
Late reports states morale of people good. No disorder or disturbances reported. (End Item 3)

Washington: DA–3.

Is SK Government standing firm and maintaining internal order? (End DA–3)

Tokyo: FEC Item 4

Re Item 3 ur agenda

South Korean Government reported to be standing firm and maintaining internal order. Martial law declared in most towns. Curfew in Seoul. (End Item 4)

Washington: DA–4

What is your estimate of objective of current NK effort? (End DA–4)

Tokyo: FEC Item 5.

Re item 4 ur agenda.

There is no evidence to substantiate a belief that the north Koreans are engaged in a limited objective offensive or in a raid. On the contrary, the size of the North Korean Forces employed, the depth of penetration, the intensity of the attack, and the landings made miles south of the parallel on the east coast indicate that the north Koreans are engaged in an all-out offensive to subjugate South Korea. (End Item 5)

Washington: DA–5

Has there been a formal, confirmed Declaration of War? (End DA–5)

Washington [Tokyo]: FEC Item 6

Re Item 5 ur agenda

There has been no firm confirmation that a formal Declaration of War has been made by either contender. Radio Pyongyang (North Korea) is reported to have issued a Declaration of War. But our investigations have failed to substantiate this report. See also radio from Am Embassy Seoul (State Dept. 931) 205655Z for additional information. (End Item 6)

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Washington: DA–6.

Do you have any information regarding numbers of north Korean Naval Forces involved in amphibious landings on Korean East Coast. (End DA–6)

Tokyo: FEC Item 9

Reur DA–6; G–2, GHQ, FEC to DA

We have no information as to number of ships involved. However, landing of 3200–3800 troops reported at four points in East Coast:

400–600 at Chumunjin (1170–1680); 2,000 at Hosan (1220–1590); 400–600 at Ulchin (1230–1570); 400–600 at Kuryong-Po (1250–1450). (End Item 9)

Washington: DA–7

Have South Korean Naval Forces engaged North Korean Naval units in any location other than Samchok. (End DA–7)

Tokyo: FEC Item 7

Reur DA–7

KMAG reports one Russian type destroyer engaged by SK Naval element at Kangnung (1180–1660). KMAG reports SK Coast Guard are engaging enemy in Mokpo (930–1300) Area. (End Item 7)

Washington: DA–8

General Roberts is available to you. (End DA—8)

Washington: DA–9

We assume reference FECOM responsibility to assist U.S. Amb to Korea in providing for safety U.S. natls in emergency you are communicating directly with Korea and info copies will be received here. Are we right in assuming CINCFE is meeting KMAG request for emergency supply of ammunition? (End DA–9)

Tokyo: FEC Item 8

Reur DA–9

Partial answer is subpar (2) two our C–56772. We are meeting emergency request for ammunition. Safety and/or evacuation nationals under study and will advise. (End Item 8)

Tokyo: FEC Item 12:

In view of proximity enemy tanks AmEmbassy plans to evacuate American personnel women and children beginning tomorrow thru Inchon on available transportation. CINCFE provide Naval and Air protection. General situation points to tank break through via Uijongbu. Other Infantry units generally in previously reported positions. (End Item 12)

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Tokyo: FEC Item 2: G–2, GHQ, FEC to DA


Have you received our C–56777 which was receipted for by your Communications Center at 1204 Z? (End Item 2)

Washington: DA–10

Your C–56775 answers question last sentence in our number 9. (End DA–10)

Washington: DA–11

Are there any indications of USSR military participation, if so give details. Where is main effort? What appears to be its weight, direction and objective. (End DA–11)

Tokyo: FEC Item 10

Reur DA–11

There is as yet no evidence of Soviet military participation in invasion. Main effort is believed to be along axis Pochung–Seoul. Weight appears to be two Infantry divisions supported by 40–70 tanks. Objective is Seoul. (End Item 10)

Washington: DA–12

What casualties are reported. What is source of report? (End DA–12)

Tokyo: FEC Item 13

Reur DA–12; G–2, GHQ, FEC to DA

KMAG has been queried and has no information ref casualties. (End Item 13)

Washington: DA–13

Is there anything you require from US at this time. (End Item DA–13)

Washington: DA–14

In addition to your regular reports request complete summary by Telecon 260800 Washington daylight time (261200Z). Additional questions will be asked at that time. Suggest your G3 members be present as in case here. Navy and Air will also be represented here.

Have you anything further. (End DA–14)

Tokyo: FEC Item 11

Last minute information from KMAG Seoul:

70 tanks concentrated in night bivouac five miles north of Uijongbu. As of midnight tonight morale of South Korean troops reported good. Civil population disturbed but fairly stable.

Chun Chon reported surrounded.

Leading elements of South [North?] Korea 2nd Division reported now entering Seoul. (End Item 11)

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Greenwich Mean Time was 9 hours behind Korean time and 4 hours ahead of Washington EDT; thus 6:55 a. m. GMT was 3:55 p. m. in Korea and 2:55 a. m. in Washington.
  3. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army.
  4. Chief of Intelligence, U.S. Far East Command.
  5. Korean time.