357.AD/10–2150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea


230. Fol tel recd from USDelGA Oct 19:

“Romulo has given USUN copy of draft resolution which he has presented informally to interim comite on Korea. He states he is not pressing for its adoption until he has had the opinion of Unified Command and that he is willing to accept any suggested changes. However, Romulo feels it important, in view of press statements by Rhee that [Page 988] IC take some action on ‘high planes’ and in gen terms which will lay the basis for work of permanent comm when it arrives in Korea. Text of draft res has in gen been taken from statement by Ross to IC last week.1

The Austral and Turk representatives on IC have taken stand against any res but Romulo feels strongly that one is necessary, even a very short one.

While in gen, USUN sees no great objection to draft res, para 3 does raise question of relationship to Unified Command and cld perhaps be eliminated or amended. Romulo states that next mtg of IC is sched for Sat morning, Oct 21, but that he will postpone meeting if US not ready to comment on draft res by that time. Romulo wld appreciate Gen MacArthur’s comments.

Fol is text of draft res:

  • ‘The interim comite on Korea:
  • ‘Considering the res of the GA of 12 Dec 1948, 21 Oct 1949, and 7 Oct 1950:
  • ‘Desirous of clarifying the principles that have been set forth in the above-mentioned res regarding the future Gov of Korea declares:
    • ‘1. That the measures necessary for the estab of a unified, independent and democratic Gov in the sovereign state of Korea shall be determined by the UN Comm for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea, acting on behalf of the UN, after due consultation with the Gov of the Rep of Korea and with responsible elements in North Korea, and taking into acct all the relevant factors of the situation:
    • ‘2.That it is incumbent upon the UN, acting through its agencies in the field, the Unified Command and the UN Comm for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea, to assist the Korean people in solving their problems and to discharge its responsibilities to all the people of Korea, exercising the requisite authority for that purpose until the unification of the country shall have been achieved under an independent and democratic Gov of all Korea;
    • ‘3. That, while making due allowance for the exigencies of mil operations and the necessity of maintaining law and order, a substitute for the central north Korean regime shld be estabd and de facto provincial and local govs reactivated as soon as possible under UN supervision and control, utilizing for this purpose, so far as may prove practicable and desirable, the services of responsible, trustworthy and cooperative elements in north Korea;
    • ‘4. That there should be as little change as possible in the fundamental political, economic and social structure which is found in North Korea, maintaining the land reform measures and the nationalized or socialized industries in their present status until such time as the Korean people, acting through their duly [Page 989] constituted national Gov, are in a position to decide for themselves what changes are to be made, if any, and to determine the future of their country;
    • ‘Invites the full and whole-hearted coop of the people and Gov of the Rep of Korea and of the people of North Korea in carrying out the measures and objectives above set forth;
    • ‘Resolves to transmit this declaration to the Unified Command with the request that its contents be made known to the people and Gov of the Rep of Korea and to the people of North Korea by every possible means.’”

Since Romulo has indicated desire Gen MacArthur’s comments, these have been requested by Defense.

Dept does not favor introduction res this type at present for fol reasons: Res wld openly and irrevocably commit IC and UN to adopt detailed policies and course of action re future Korea as outlined. Furthermore, it foreseen res containing firm declarations along these lines wld further aggravate and strengthen ROK protestations and uncooperative attitude toward ultimate solution Korea proposed by UN. Open defiance by ROK of program continued [contained] in res fol its publication wld place UN and particularly IC in difficult position. While Dept generally supports principles outlined in res which are, in many respects, similar to those embodied in North Korea Civil Affairs Directive (WAR 93721 Oct 9), it believes res already passed on Korea gives ample authority for adoption necessary policies and actions looking toward solution to Korean problem without dangerous restrictions to freedom of action which proposed res wld impose upon future course in Korea. Although formal IC res along foregoing lines considered undesirable, suggest possibility advantage might be gained by Muccio providing Rhee and ROK privately with statement of principles involved and in seeking their acquiescence in and cooperation with such principles.

Dept wld appreciate Muccio’s comments on foregoing soonest.

  1. See footnote 1 to telegram Delga 123 from New York, received at 9:26 p. m. on October 13, p. 943.