795.00/6–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


931. Following is summary translation Pyongyang radio broadcast at 11:00 a. m. today:

“Official announcement made by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Peoples Republic of Korea. The so-called ‘defense army’ of the South Korea puppet regime started a surprise invasion of the north along the whole front of the 38th parallel line at dawn on the 25th. The enemy, who started the surprise operation, invaded the territory north of the 38th parallel line one to two kilometers at three points west of Haeju, Kumchon, and Chorwon. The Home Affairs Bureau of the Peoples Republic of Korea has issued an order to the security army of the Peoples Republic to repulse the enemy. At this moment, our security army is putting up stiff counter-operations against the enemy. The Peoples Republic army succeeded in repulsing the enemy force which penetrated into the north at Yangyang. In this connection, the People’s Republic of Korea wishes to remind the South Korea puppet regime of the fact that, unless the puppets immediately suspend their adventurous military actions, the Peoples Republic will be obliged to resort to decisive countermeasures. At the same time the Peoples Republic entrusted the Home Affairs Bureau to call the attention of the South Korea puppet regime to the fact that the whole responsibility for the grave consequences arising from their reckless venture would squarely rest on the shoulders of the South Korea puppet regime.”

It will be obvious that by terms broadcast North Koreans are attempting to clothe their naked aggression against ROK with patently absurd charges that ROK commenced invasion. Developments during course of day of course wholly disprove this unfounded propaganda.

Repeated info CINCFE.

  1. The transmission time is supplied from information contained in the Department of the Army teletype conference, June 25, 8:44 a. m., p. 134.