795.00/9–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State

top secret

202. Following is part two of my telegram 202, September 23,1 which unfortunately was not forwarded with rest of message through error in transmission.

Re paragraph C(1): If UNCOK is to be continued consider extremely important governments represented on UNCOK should be persuaded appoint top calibre men as replacements or for new commission; also UN Secretary General be urged appoint principal secretary higher quality than previous years. Consider continuation European, Latin American and Australian representation desirable. Suggest possibility substitution Thailand or Pakistan for China.

Re paragraph C(2 and 3): Validity Republic Korea general elections last May 30, which were observed by UNCOK by ROK invitation cannot be questioned. UNCOK should observe by-elections upon invitation GOK, as in past. In 1948 UNCOK supervised elections south 38th parallel, since which time ROK established, approved by GA, and recognized as sovereign state. UNCOK should supervise elections for National Assembly north of 38th parallel, analogous to UNCOK action below parallel in 1948, with UN forces maintaining order.

Re paragraph C(5): Question desirability proposing neutralization Korea; do not believe any Korean Government would accept such program. Koreans most suspicious of any attempt to treat them in any way different from other countries. While attempt to secure nonaggression pledges from neighbors ROK as well as GOK unobjectionable, consider best means achieving this objective would be ROK admission UN.

Repeated information OAFE unnumbered, USPolAd Tokyo unnumbered.

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