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330/9–450: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in India

top secret

405. Urtel 551 Sept 41 and with particular ref to landing UN forces Inchon, situation in Korea has reached critical stage for aggressors. Pls approach Bajpai early opportunity and state that in US opinion it is of utmost importance for Chi Commies themselves that they avoid intervention in Korean hostilities. Present change mil situation indicates UN may be able restore peace quickly in Korea and on the record of UN debate and action, it cld be expected that UN patently wld view with grave concern Chi Commie intervention. Say that we feel it might well serve purpose of preventing extension of war if Bajpai wld have Pannikar communicate this info to Peiping leaders. Such expression views wld of course be more effective if Bajpai were to communicate views as India’s own (assuming his views to be in accord with ours) or at least associate GOI with them. US wld be happy have Bajpai consent do so.

Chi Commies cld be assured character of UN action and continued UN interest in Korea wld constitute solid guarantee that no threat wld come to China from that area in event peace restored along UN lines.

  1. For the text of this message, see vol. vi, p. 482. It reported on a discussion held between Henderson and Bajpai on September 3 concerning U.S. policy toward China, during which Bajpai expressed the opinion that, on balance, the admission of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations would be of advantage to the free world. (330/9–450)