796.11/2–350: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Philippines


186. For Amb. Contact and discussions with members Quirino party so far ltd. Quirino due Washington Feb 2 or 3 for discussions with Pres Truman. He apparently proposes return Manila soon thereafter.

Waring1 arranged luncheon for Yulo for which Dept officials were present and hoped discuss important needs with them. Discussion was ltd however due to presence of Elizalde2 as result Yulo concerned himself mainly with his food. Yulo did indicate however he might be changing his views on devaluation.

Pedrosa and Snyder met Jan 30. Pedrosa stated PhilGovt preparing shortly institute all suggestions made by Joint Finance Comm. He angrily refused discuss any matters concerning devaluation and in return requested a stabilization loan of $150 million. Snyder informed him Treas cld not consider any such proposal but that if he desired he might discuss with IMF. Pedrosa also proposed a Joint Phil-Amer Comm to study investment possibilities. In conclusion Pedrosa expressed resentment over what he termed inspired anti-Filipino feeling in US and unfair reporting by Emb Manila of Phil situation. He appeared subdued and depressed. Interview made exceedingly bad impression on Snyder and Martin.3 Next day Treas agreed detail experts to PhilGovt. Ely4 attempts, at their request, talk with Quirino, Yulo and Pedrosa resulted mostly their asking what Quirino shld say to Pres. Truman when he sees him today. Genl impression they are puzzled and bewildered group of men. You will be advised results Presidential talk.5

  1. Frank A. Waring, Chairman, Philippine War Damage Commission.
  2. Joaquin M. Elizalde, Philippine Ambassador to the United States.
  3. William McChesney Martin, Jr., Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
  4. Richard R. Ely, Deputy Director, Office of Philippine and Southeast Asian Affairs.
  5. For the record of the meeting between President Truman and President Quirino on February 4, see Secretary of State Acheson’s memorandum of conversation, infra. Telegram 207, February 7, to Manila, not printed, reported that officers of the Department of State had discussed various economic and financial questions with Philippine Finance Secretary Pedrosa on February 2. At that time Pedrosa indicated that Senator Madrigal probably would not be named Ambassador to the United States. The telegram also reported that all efforts to have conversations with Philippine Presidential Advisor Yulo had proved abortive (796.00/2–750).