330/11–250: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations 1


470. Re SC consideration Ambon. We note that only three members of the Council responded to your statement regarding the UNCI reports on Ambon at Monday’s2 meeting of the Council and that, while they all reserved their positions pending study of the comite’s second report, none of the three appeared particularly eager to embark on a full scale discussion of the matter at this time.

As matters stand, our immed objectives have thus been accomplished; the reports have not been ignored on the record and, at the same time, both the Indos and the Dutch have had an opportunity to see officially how the Council itself sizes the matter up at this juncture.

If the Yugo Rep as Pres or if other members of the Council shld ask you what if any further action the US wishes the Council to take in the present situation, we believe you shld point out that in stating our own views on the matter in the Council we had at the same time sought an expression of views from other members and that the other members have not expressed a desire to have the Council debate the issue. Unless another Member publicly requests SC consideration or unless the situation on the spot changes, we do not contemplate taking further action in the Council.

  1. Repeated to Djakarta as 476 and to The Hague as 532.
  2. For the text of Austin’s statement on October 30, see United Nations, Official Records of the Security Council, Fifth Year, pp. 29–31.