751G.00/11–2750: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1

confidential   priority

187. Fol is text of statement made by Asst Secy Rusk at daily Press Conference Nov 27:

“The US Govt welcomes the definition of the policy of Fr in Indochina as described in the statement of M. Letourneau, the Min of Assoc States, as confirmed by the PriMin, M. Pleven, and by the resolution of the Natl Assembly which approved the policy. It will be particularly reassuring to nations of the free world to know that the independence of the Assoc States of IC within the framework of the Fr Union is now assured and that the mil and econ resources of the Fr Republic and of the Assoc States of IC will be directed with boldness and renewed resolution to the defense of IC against communist colonialism.

To the end that the armies of the Assoc States of IC and the Fr Union accomplish their mission and in order that the new states in IC attain stability and offer their people a better life, the US is extending to them mil and econ asst.

The US Govt hopes that other free nations will make every contribution within their power to enable the Assoc States and their partners in the Fr Union to accomplish their mission of freedom.”

Djakarta, Rangoon, Bangkok, New Delhi, Karachi, Colombo, Manila at your discretion, bring foregoing to attn govts to which accredited emphasizing importance to all of Asia defense of Indochina against communist aggression, fact that independent IC states now engaged in that defense and that US is making its contribution to that defense. London, Ottawa, Canberra, Wellington discuss with FonOff suggesting, if you agree, desirability Brit Govt making analogous statement. Rptd Paris, Saigon for info only.

  1. Sent to Djakarta, Rangoon, Bangkok, New Delhi, Karachi, Colombo, Manila, Paris, Saigon, London, Ottawa, Canberra, and Wellington.