751G.5 MAP/11–2250: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


2841. Tomap. Security restrictions prevent public issuance much specific info mil aid IC but Emb might wish make available (Embtel 2702 Nov 14)2 fol info which press agencies transmitted recent weeks: First delivery MDAP equip eight C–47 aircraft arrived IC last June 29; first ground force equip began arrive in Aug and by Sept 6 twelve Vietnamese army battalions had recd equip; in Oct fifty F6F fighter planes delivered IC and undisclosed number B–26’s and other planes now en route. Also IC has recd approx two score naval craft LCI’s, LCVP’s and LSSL’s and much transport equip, bulldozers, etc. Deliveries included material for both Fr Union forces and Associated States. IC has one of highest priorities and equip been going forward fast as possible. Much now en route and quantities on way from arsenals to ports this country for shipment. Equip began moving promptly soon as program firmed which involved agreement authorities IC and Fr specific assistance required. Needs further examined on spot by SE Asia Survey Mission which returned Washington three weeks ago. Concern with defense problem IC indicated by fact IC is getting large part approx 500 million dol allocation for SE Asia area from FY 1950/1951 MDAP funds including supplemental appropriation.

Econ aid program IC begun Aug with funds from ECA allocation of more than 20 million dols for current FY.

Urinfo and such use Emb deems appropriate, while MDAP equip for IC been made available rapidly as possible, delays of some weeks in actual deliveries have occurred due failure Fr (a) take possession equip; (b) designate recipient said material; (c) provide Emb Saigon with essential info; (d) submit additional requests and revisions through MAAG IC channel; (e) clarify promptly requests when [Page 936] vague and conflicting; and (f) prolonged delays grant permission MAAG personnel proceed IC.

  1. Repeated to Saigon as telegram 620.
  2. In telegram 2702 from Paris, November 14, not printed, the Embassy requested information which could be made available to French press representatives in view of “frequent recent French press comment re inadequacy and slow rate deliveries US military aid IC.” (751G.5/11–1450)