751G.02/2–350: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State

secret   niact

538. For Secretary and Perkins. Deptel 452.1 Am very disturbed contents this cable. Bevin arrived Paris this morning and has left for London. Understand British expect to announce recognition Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia this evening or tomorrow. Believe it extremely important our recognition be given if possible today. Under existing circumstances any evolutionary statement impossible at least for present. Auriol’s signature was announced here Thursday morning2 and Department so informed. British had made same representations as ourselves about an evolutionary statement but are going ahead nevertheless with recognition. I have personally on many occasions urged advisability of such statement on Auriol, Bidault, Schuman, Letourneau3 and others but can assure you that repetition of such request would at present time be useless although we shall continue pressure on this point. Strongly recommend immediate recognition.

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Sent Department 538, repeated London 176; Department pass Saigon 45.

  1. In telegram 452 to Paris, February 2, the Department stated its belief that on the occasion of final French ratification of the March 8, 1949 agreements Bao Dai should make a strong public statement and that French authorities in Paris should deliver an evolutionary statement. The telegram concluded as follows: “With evolutionary statement from Paris and statement from Bao Dai, stage will be set for recognition. Please notify Foreign Office your discretion substance above and report their plans both Bao Dai and evolutionary statement to Department and Saigon.” (751G.02/2–150)
  2. February 2.
  3. Jean Letourneau, French Minister of Overseas Territories.