Editorial Note

On February 1, 1950, the Department of State released the following statement by Secretary Acheson: “The recognition by the Kremlin of Ho Chi Minh’s Communist movement in Indochina comes as a surprise. The Soviet acknowledgment of this movement should remove any illusions as to the ‘nationalist’ nature of Ho Chi Minh’s aims and reveals Ho in his true colors as the mortal enemy of native independence in Indochina.

“Although timed in an effort to cloud the transfer of sovereignty by France to the legal Governments of Laos, Cambodia, and Viet Nam, we have every reason to believe that those legal governments will proceed in their development toward stable governments representing the true nationalist sentiments of more than 20 million peoples of Indochina.

“French action in transferring sovereignty to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia has been in process for some time. Following French ratification, which is expected within a few days, the way will be open for recognition of these legal governments by the countries of the world whose policies support the development of genuine national independence in former colonial areas.

“Ambassador Jessup has already expressed to Emperor Bao Dai our best wishes for prosperity and stability in Viet Nam and the hope that closer relationship will be established between Viet Nam and the United States.”