751G.02/1–1250: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Thailand 1


33. Dept concerned by apparent lack of understanding on part of Thai Fon Min that Ho Chi Minh is not patriotic nationalist but Commie Party member with all the sinister implications involved in the relationship (urtel 23, Jan 12). This apparent indifference to the possible success of one of the strongest Commie leaders in Southeast Asia raises doubts in the Dept of the desirability of strengthening the Thai against Commie aggression if the Thai are actually unaware or indifferent to the approaching menace. On a suitable occasion you shld emphasize the foregoing strongly.

For ur info. Apparently this point of view is common among South Asian nations including India, Burma, Indonesia, and the Philippines, as shown in replies similar to yours from posts in those countries. This general indifference or lack of understanding may prove to be disastrous for those nations as Communism relentlessly advances. It is impossible for the United States to help them resist Communism if they are not prepared to help themselves. All for such action as in circumstances and in your discretion you deem advisable.

  1. Repeated to London, Rangoon, Paris, Manila, Djakarta, New Delhi, and Saigon.