751G.02/1–1250: Telegram

The Ambassador in Thailand (Stanton) to the Secretary of State


23. Deptel 18, January 7.1 Discussed with Foreign Minister2 today situation Indochina and question recognition Bao Dai.

I carefully explained Department’s thinking re Bao Dai and that Department planning extend some form recognition after French National Assembly ratification March 8 accords. Also advised him of British intention re recognition as outlined Department’s telegram.

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Foreign Minister replied Thailand Government fully aware gravity IC situation. Nevertheless, they felt could not undertake extend recognition Bao Dai until France actually gave Vietnam freedom, independence and Bao Dai received large measure popular support. In absence these developments, Thailand Government and people, would continue feel Bao Dai essentially French puppet who would fail because France had not granted Vietnam that independence to which these people entitled. He said that as far as he could see under such circumstances French colonial control IC would merely be perpetuated. He expressed opinion if French really sincere no reason why an accord could not be reached with Ho Chi Minh and other Vietnam leaders as Dutch had done with Indonesians. He also said it seemed to him the situation IC was one which UN might well endeavor solve, and referred to fine work done by UN Good Offices Commission in Dutch-Indonesian dispute.

Foreign Minister’s position precisely same as heretofore on this question, but on this occasion he underscored Thailand Government views with considerable emphasis, and very apparent he not influenced by impending UK de facto recognition or our contemplated action. He emphasized in his opinion recognition Bao Dai by French Government would not materially strengthen Bao Dai, if French granted only trappings of independence.

Department please repeat Paris, London; pouched Manila, Jakarta, Saigon.

  1. Telegram 22 to Manila, January 7, p. 691.
  2. Nai Pote Sarasin.