The Chargé in France (Gray) to the Secretary of State


429. Excon. ReDeptels 340, July 20, repeated London 346; 395, July 21, repeated London 406.1

At joint US–UK request Cocom today recommended following petroleum products for list I control at all Soviet-dominated destinations:
Crude petroleum.
Motor fuel.
Diesel oil (all grades).
Fuel oil.
Lubricating oils and grease.
Above recommendation will become CoCom decision when delegations inform chairman concurrence their respective governments. Concurrence all governments within 48 hours has been requested.2

Sent Department 429, repeated info London 125.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. The concurrence of the CoCom governments was reported in telegram 513, July 28, from Paris, which reads in part as follows:

    “1. Reference Embtel 420, July 24, repeated London 125, CoCom delegates today reported concurrence their governments CoCom recommendation petroleum products. Items listed in reference telegram now on list I.

    “2. French stated their administrative arrangements not yet complete. Belgium reminded committee list I exports to Yugoslavia not prohibited. Netherlands reiterated statement made at July 17 meeting (Embtel 283, July 17) about differentiating North Korea and China situations and need for cooperation Far Eastern non-PCs. Canadian said his government believed embargo of petroleum products by PCs should be given publicity.…” (460.500/7–2850)