495A.509/7–1350: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State


242. Excon. Reference Embtel 152 July 10, repeated Bern 4, Brussels 18, Copenhagen 1, Frankfort 27, The Hague 14, London 44, Oslo 1, Rome 18, Stockholm 2, Vienna 5. Following is today’s CoCom action North Korea controls:

1. France did not press embargo proposals mentioned paragraph 2, reference telegram.

Following statements made re US proposal North Korea and China controls:

Denmark shares views other PC’s security items should not be sent Korea but as it has no export controls it cannot control such exports. For long time Denmark has exported nothing North Korea but will undertake all means at its disposal watch all exports to Far East and if any security items included matter of control thereof will be considered.
Netherlands still without instructions. However, Netherlands delegate said his government questions if CoCom proper forum consider question North Korea and China controls.
UK expressed sympathy Netherlands view and reserved position on China jurisdictional question. Pointed out that China controls already being handled through diplomatic channels.
French made strong statement saying CoCom fully competent and controls urgently needed.
Belgian supported French delegate saying under present circumstances technical considerations immaterial and his government worried by fact some delegates still uninstructed.
US, Italy and Germany supported French and Belgian delegates.
Canada reserved position on competence CoCom consider China controls.

3. North Korea controls therefore postponed until Netherlands delegate receives instructions. China controls will be considered July 17 as mentioned paragraph 2 reference telegram.

4. Department will appreciate fact that technically Danish failure vote yes amounts to veto under CoCom unanimity rule. This alarming to us in view Belgian and German statements on July 10 (Paragraph 1, reference telegram).

5. We are concerned at above because it raises whole question efficacy CoCom. Inability CoCom promptly handled such obvious situation as North Korea indicates inherent weakness CoCom mechanism and in our opinion reveals appalling lack of cooperation by countries failing support US proposal and those without instructions.

Sent Department, repeated information Bern 6, Brussels 24, Copenhagen 2, Frankfort 40, The Hague 20, London 67, Oslo 3, Rome 24, Stockholm 5, Vienna 12.