493.419/3–2750: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Belgium


422. Re London Embtel 1641, Mar 27, to Dept, repeated Brussels 73.1 Text Dept memo to be presented Mar 30 by Emb Brussels shld read as follows:

[Page 627]

“The US Govt and the Brit Govt, in the course of recent discussions, agreed on the desirability of taking steps to insure that western trade with China and North Korea shld not result in any increase in the mil strength of the Chi Commie regime, and that certain Eastern European countries shld not be enabled to obtain, by transshipment via China and North Korea, supplies of goods now denied them by the Western Govts in direct channels of trade; and it was considered that one essential measure wld be the imposition of controls over the export or re-export to China and North Korea of goods of the highest security significance.

The US already controls the export of such goods from the US to all destinations, except Canada. The Belgian Govt will recall that mtgs were convened in Paris by the Fr Govt most recently in Jan to consider with certain other govts the adoption of a common policy for the denial to certain Eastern European countries of goods to be included in an agreed list. In view of the possibility that such denial might be ineffective if agents of those countries were permitted to obtain such goods freely through China and North Korea, and in view of the dangers to western interests in Asia and the Pacific in permitting the Chi Commies unrestricted access to materials that will directly increase their mil strength, the US Govt suggests the extension of the common policy of control to cover the whole of China, including Manchuria and Taiwan, and North Korea.

The U.S. Govt accordingly hopes that the Belg Govt will be prepared to impose controls over the export or re-export to China and North Korea of goods in the agreed list referred to in the second para above, as it may be subsequently amended by agreement. It is believed that such control shld be for presumptive denial to the Chi Commies and North Koreans of all exports on the agreed list, with the possibility of exceptions on a case by case basis after consultation among the cooperating govts. On the other hand, exports to areas controlled by the Chi Natl Govt, although subj to control and scrutiny, wld be licensed where it served the interests of one or more of the cooperating govts to do so. The US is prepared to arrange that the Belg Govt receive reports on such exports actually licensed by the US Govt.

The US Govt and the Brit Govt have also agreed on the desirability of watching closely, and of exchanging info on, the export to China and North Korea of a selected list of items considered to be of especial importance to the Chi economy. A suggested list is under consideration and it is proposed that its exact composition shld be the subj of later consultation and agreement.

The US Govt is prepared to seek the cooperation of the Govt of the Republic of the Philippines, and it is understood that strategic exports to China and North Korea from Japan are being controlled. It is also understood that the Brit Govt is approaching certain members of the Brit Commonwealth of Nations on the same subject.

A similar communication is being addressed to the Fr and to the Neth Govts which are being invited to cooperate and to secure the coop of the Vietnam, Laos, Cambodian, and Rusi Govts.”

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