793B.56/3–150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India


192. It is noted from various Emb reports that GOI contemplates increase flow mil assistance Tibet. Inasmuch as Commie-controlled Tibet wld represent threat Nepal and India, Dept interested fullest available info exact nature this assistance.

In ur discretion Dept wld appreciate your ascertaining informally through UKHC fol:

Volume assistance GOI has already given Tibet,
Whether rate such assistance being increased,
What definite steps taken by GOI re training Tibetan mil units,
Brit attitude re mil assistance Tibet.

Dept also interested info concerning Tibetan plans resist commie incursion and type of mil assistance Tibet required. What in ur opinion be probable GOI reaction suggestion US and/or UK collaboration with India meeting these needs? FYI Dept hopeful India can meet justifiable Tibetan defense requirements and believes it highly desirable India continue bear primary responsibility for doing so within its capabilities, but shld it be unable do so Dept wld appreciate being so [Page 315] informed. In any event, conversations with GOI this time wld appear premature.