790B.00/12–650: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Burma 1


324. Embtel 369 Dec 6 Dept considers developments entirely favorable and will appreciate Emb views as to best means taking full advantage resulting situation. Dept wld of course be glad consider any specific suggestions re possible US help accomplishing desired results.

Suggest question possible request officer training be discussed with Brit emb and BSM and discreet effort made ascertain from GOB nature training required. If GOB requests trng Dept believes this wld be good occasion indicate desirability assignment Burm MA Wash.

FYI only. Because of commitments for MDAP and US trng ZI Army schools no places available before Apr when ltd nr (10 to 15) may be open for Burm trainees. Dept assumes trng requested wld be for inf and constabulary type courses.

In connection with new policy wld appear GOB might reconsider recognition Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Emb shld promote such action if occasion shld arise.

Emb shld report any action or evidence tending confirm GOB intention activate new policy or cooperate in mil field with India.

Cleared Defense.

  1. Repeated to London unnumbered, to New Delhi as 885, to Djakarta as 599, to Bangkok as 640, and to Saigon as 727.