762A.00/8–2950: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany ( McCloy ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

1736. Personal for Byroade from McCloy.

1. Reference telegram 1346 [1343] and 1460,1 without abandoning present objectives, we are intensifying present program against Soviet policy and activities and strengthening program for positive Western objectives. We strongly of opinion that program should be to greatest possible degree tripartite, and that Foreign Minister directive would be of great assistance in assuring correlated tripartite effort effective on all levels. In our working level dealings with both British and French, we feel lack common policy instruction within framework of which we all functioning.

2. Much, however, being done already. Entire HICOG headquarters has been devoting major efforts and attention to up-swelling anti-Soviet campaign, and through PEPCO and functional offices various projects have been launched.

Unilaterally we are:
Encouraging increased federal land pressure against Communist organizations in Western zone and more positive combatting of Communist propaganda;
Encouraging more positive and effective action through trade unions; such as large-scale demonstrations and rallies planned for September and October;
Supporting organizations of Soviet zone refugees and White Books on Soviet zone conditions. Kaiser Ministry being encouraged in plans for similar programs.
Intensifying contact with publishers and other civic leaders, including youth and women leaders, with view to strengthening German anti-Communist propaganda effort;
Sharpening tone and content of overt publications;
Holding discussions with EuCom on psychological warfare plans.
Bilaterally with British we are coordinating our public affairs and intelligence efforts. Public affairs has begun discussion with British parallel agency along lines Barret–Warner agreement.2 Although British hampered by lack of personnel arid funds, agreement on aims being worked out (will report further this effort).
Trilaterally we are participating in:
Activities against Communist press under Law 53 coordinating tripartitely. This action being pushed aggressively and majority Communist printing plants now closed. Only three weeklies still appearing. Reports indicate loss of press seriously hampering Communist ability to organize mass activities.
Preparation of tripartite regulation on control of incoming propaganda material from Soviet zone.
In the programming field we are going as far as feasible at this time. Under policy guidance of PEPCO and CAFCO, all HICOG Offices Political Affairs, Intelligence, Administration, Labor, Public Affairs, etc., generally raising own sights. Plans and Policy Unit, Public Affairs, being charged with primary mission develop programs to be implemented through public affairs media, in maintaining close contact all functional offices HICOG concerned and with EuCom which will have representation in unit. German contacts this unit effectively being channeled through public affairs agencies as well as political liaison officers at federal and land level. Creation this Public Affairs Unit represents only partial response to obvious need rearrangement some of our intra-staff working arrangements. Planning this subject proceeding; will report further.
All of above will, of course, require re-evaluation our budget and personnel situation. All functional offices working with Office of Administration on problem determining our requirements. Our specific recommendations will be sent as soon as possible. Wish point out, however, that we will need your backing and support for our forthcoming requests for money, slots, and experienced personnel.
Recommend strongly Foreign Ministers consider desirability tripartite PW program with view toward providing over-all instructions requiring implementation to corresponding agencies three countries.
  1. Neither printed; the former asked what steps McCloy had taken and what possibilities were available for HICOM in the area of psychological warfare in the Federal Republics the latter assumed that the organization of HICOM limited McCloy in carrying out an increased political, psychological, and economic warfare program and that he would ask Secretary Acheson to discuss this with Bevin and Schuman with the idea of instructing the High Commissioners to take immediate measures to develop a joint program using all the facilities at their command. (511.62/8–1850 and 762A.00/8–350)
  2. The agreement under reference, presumably for cooperation between the public affairs offices of the British and United States High Commissioners, has not been identified further.
  3. For the text of Allied High Commission Law No. 5 on Press, Radio, Information, and Entertainment, effective September 21, 1949, see Laws, Regulations, Directives and Decisions of the Allied High Commission for Germany, from September 21, 1949 to September 20, 1950 (Bonn-Petersberg, Allied General Secretariat, no date), pp. 11–14.