258. National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 161


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Security Act of 1947,2 as amended, and for the purposes enunciated in paragraphs (d) and (c) thereof, the National Security Council hereby authorizes and directs that:

The Director of Central Intelligence shall insure the coordination of the procurement of foreign language publications for intelligence purposes, it being understood that captured documents are excepted from this provision.
The Director of Central Intelligence shall provide, as a primary responsibility, for the following services to the IAC agencies.
Preparing and disseminating English language excerpts, summaries, abstracts, and compilations from foreign language publications.
Developing and maintaining indexes, accession lists, and reference services regarding foreign language publications of intelligence interest.
The Director of Central Intelligence shall insure the coordination of the above activities, as well as the coordination of translation services, with similar activities maintained by the intelligence agencies in accordance with their needs; such coordination shall not prejudice the maintenance of facilities necessary to meet departmental demands.
The intelligence agencies of the Government shall grant to the Director of Central Intelligence, upon request, access to foreign language publications in their possession.
An Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Publications shall be established to assist the Director of Central Intelligence in the implementation of this directive. It shall be composed of the IAC agencies and other agencies of the Government will be invited to sit with the Committee on matters which concern them.

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