230. Department of Defense Directive1



  • Electronics Intelligence (ELINT)
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I. Establishment

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary of Defense and subject to his authority, direction and control, and in accordance with NSCID 17,2 the Secretary of the Air Force is hereby assigned the responsibility and delegated the necessary authority to direct and supervise the consolidated processing, analysis, and dissemination of information on foreign non-communication electromagnetic radiations and to guide and coordinate Electronics Intelligence (ELINT) activities of all agencies of the Department of Defense. In the development and application of ELINT policies and procedures, the Secretary of the Air Force will give due consideration to recommendations of the U.S. Communications Intelligence Board and the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

II. Purpose

The objectives of this directive are to consolidate Department of Defense ELINT analysis activities under a single direction, to guide and coordinate Department of Defense collection of ELINT information and to provide for optimum interaction and mutual support between ELINT and COMINT in order to produce efficiently the best possible ELINT results for all users, and to provide for the establishment of a Technical Processing Center pursuant to NSC ID 17. The Secretary of the Air Force will bring about the orderly consolidation of the separate ELINT analysis and processing centers heretofore operated by the several military Departments and agencies. In carrying out these objectives, the Secretary of the Air Force will not abridge the authority of operational commanders over integral ELINT resources in support of their operations nor the freedom of such commanders to exchange ELINT materials for their mutual support. Consistent with the over-all policies established by the Secretary of the Air Force, operational commanders will be authorized to establish such policies, procedures, and mechanisms as they deem necessary for the rapid lateral interchange of ELINT information.

III. Mission

The Secretary of the Air Force will provide common services for ELINT, specifically to include:

Organization and administration of the Technical Processing Center for central technical analysis based on all ELINT observations and other relevant information. The results of the central technical analysis will be made directly available to all consumers of this type of information.
Effective and timely guidance to Department of Defense field collection agencies and advice to the Central Intelligence Agency. Such guidance shall be expeditiously transmitted through appropriate channels as prescribed by the several Departments and agencies concerned. Such guidance will reflect the interests of all users and will provide for the coordination of and technical assistance to field activities to maximize their total usefulness.
Guidance and advice, as in paragraph III. 2. above, concerning methods and procedures for the improvement and standardization of the operations and equipment related to ELINT collection, analysis, evaluation, and dissemination, and recommendations concerning research and development programs as appropriate.
Technical support to the Department of State in its negotiations for the acquisition of intercept sites in foreign countries; technical support to designated representatives of the U.S.; and technical representation on behalf of the Department of Defense in ELINT discussions.

IV. Administration

The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) shall arrange with the Secretary of the Air Force, the Secretaries of the other two Military Departments, the Director of Central Intelligence, and heads of other appropriate Departments and Agencies for the financing of the consolidated activities provided for by this directive.

The Secretary of the Air Force may reassign his responsibilities for the ELINT activities as prescribed by this directive within the command structure of the Department of the Air Force. It is the intent of this directive that the Secretary of the Air Force will provide for the performance of the functions of the consolidated activities within the organizational structure of his Department and that he shall not establish a joint agency for that purpose, although individuals drawn from other Departments and the Central Intelligence Agency may be integrated therein. This provision, however, will not preclude the establishment of such advisory committees or groups as may be considered necessary for the effective administration of the consolidated activities.

The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall assure active participation by their Departments through the detail of qualified military and civilian personnel to staff the consolidated activities and through such other measures as may be mutually agreed.

The Secretary of the Air Force, in collaboration with the heads of the other Military Departments and Agencies, will issue the necessary implementing instructions to accomplish actions required by this directive. The Secretary of the Air Force will periodically report on the activities under this directive to the Secretary of Defense.

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V. Participation

The Secretary of the Air Force will collaborate fully with the Central Intelligence Agency as an active collector and user in the field of ELINT, as well as with other interested agencies, and will provide for the participation of the Central Intelligence Agency in the operation of the Technical Processing Center, in accordance with NSCID 17.

RB Anderson

Acting Secretary of Defense
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