224. Editorial Note

A group of national security experts headed by Nelson A. Rockefeller met in Quantico, Virginia June 5–10, 1955, to explore vulnerabilities of the Communist bloc. See Foreign Relations, 1955–1957, volume XIX, page 84. A summary of the recommendations of the Quantico Panel is printed ibid., 1955–1957, volume V, page 216. Walt W. Rostow, then at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the panel, published an account of the Quantico deliberations in Open Skies: Eisenhower’s Proposal of July 21, 1955 (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1982).

Another panel called together by Rockefeller in late August 1955 met in Washington, D.C. and Quantico to discuss and review the psychological aspects of U.S. national security policy. The Quantico II Panel, as it was often called, submitted its recommendations to President Eisenhower in early December 1955. See Foreign Relations, 1955–1957, volume XIX, pages 153154.