893.50 Recovery/2–2849: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

487. After consultation with three service attachés I raised question of future deliveries military materiel procured by Chinese Government with Acting President (reDeptel 243, February 18, telCan 23). He asked that future munitions shipments be delayed until after reorganization of Cabinet which is now contemplated. Estimated time government reorganization approximately 3 weeks and I therefore recommend, in compliance Acting President’s wishes, that appropriate US Government agency delay present future loading US ports sufficient to assure no deliveries military materiel Chinese waters during month of March. Any shipments already loaded or on high seas on US naval vessels or chartered by US Government might be diverted to intermediate port during March. Any shipments already en route on commercial vessels should, we feel, be permitted proceed and Embassy promptly notified of cargo, approximate date arrival and port of destination.

No diversion contemplated, of course, in cargo arriving Mount Mansfield March 5 Keelung (Deptel 269, February 25, telCan 31).

Sent Department, repeated AmEmb Canton 114.