Editorial Note

NSC Action No. 180. At its meeting on February 3 the National Security Council agreed to recommend to President Truman that, [Page 483] inasmuch as further military aid to China, except for selective shipments, could not be used effectively and there was danger that it might fall into the hands of the Chinese Communists, or of other interests inimical to the United States, President Truman should advise key members of Congress that he considered it to be in the interests of national security to suspend further shipments under the Military Aid Program for China, including suspension of further deliveries to China of undelivered surplus military property remaining from the bulk sales arrangement made in 1946,30 pending clarification and review of the situation, meanwhile permitting only such selective shipments as can be properly and effectively used.

  1. Signed at Shanghai, August 30, 1946, Department of State, Report to Congress on Foreign Surplus Disposal, October 1946, p. 40.