893.50 Recovery/2–1349: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

508. Re AP despatch datelined Shanghai February 11 quoting statement about nine paragraphs by “anonymous” Formosan re need close supervision ECA Taiwan to ensure aid reach people instead island’s new “conquerors” and pocket officials.

Joshua Liao when shown this article by officer ConGen readily admitted his authorship and confirmed accuracy AP version. Liao expects see Lapham74 soon and meanwhile hopes his statement will reach Hoffman. In view Liao’s prominence among leaders of Taiwanese opposition Gimo’s regime, believe statement should be given some weight.

Liao says information he gets from Taiwan indicates that anti-Chinese Government elements becoming increasingly restive to start rebellious activities. Students and discharged military personnel who fought in Japanese Army and picked up new ideas while imprisoned Singapore, et cetera, are chief agitators. Liao suspects considerable Communist infiltration into Taiwan recently but cannot confirm.

Liao reiterated regret that Hong Kong group of his Taiwan Re-Emancipation League (including his brother) failed consult him before sending petition to SCAP giving four alternatives in descending order desirability, namely, full independence, UN trusteeship, US trusteeship, return Japanese rule. He feels so many alternatives confuses and weakens Taiwanese cause and that reversion Japanese rule should never be considered. Thinks much wiser concentrate on working for plebiscite to determine between either full independence or autonomy in federated Chinese framework.

Liao leaving shortly for brief visit Fukien, then return Shanghai.

Pouched Canton, Nanking, Hong Kong, USPolAd Tokyo. Sent Department 508; repeated Taipei 23.

  1. Roger D. Lapham, Chief of ECA Mission in China.