894A.01/2–349: Telegram

The Consul General at Taipei (Krentz) to the Secretary of State

30. ReDeptel 854 and Shanghai 263.55 Believe analysis last paragraph latter telegram close to mark.

FLR small influence and other groups disunified. Suspect all of them hope to force outside action by exaggeration.

However, some evidence organization sabotage plus demonstrations to provoke retaliation upon which latter I spoke forcibly to those concerned.

My staff, missionaries, et cetera, traveling [on] island see no signs popular feeling except where provoked by small clashes which must increase.

Leadership is so compounded of patriotism, irresponsibility and greed as give doubt effectiveness beyond flash in pan. Korean history closest parallel.

Cannot yet assess Communist work but believed gaining ground all circles.

[Page 281]

Sent Department 30; repeated Shanghai 28, Hong Kong unnumbered, Nanking 24.

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  2. January 26, 9 p. m., p. 276.