026 China/6–1349

Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State of a Conversation With President Truman

The President would like the White Paper on China sent to him as early as possible and has said he would like to read it all. He considers its issuance as one of our most important actions for some time to come. He asked if General Marshall had seen it and I told him he had read the chapter relating to his own activities.9 The President indicated that he thought it important that General Marshall read it in its entirety prior to its issuance. He also indicated that he considered it important that Secretary Acheson have an opportunity to read it, if possible.10

James E. Webb
  1. General of the Army George C. Marshall was Personal Representative of President Truman in China, December 1945–January 1947. For correspondence on his mission, see Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. vii, pp. 745 ff., and ibid., 1946, vols. ix and x .
  2. Mr. Acheson was in Paris attending a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers, May 23–June 20, 1949.