026 China/5–1749

Mr. Clark M. Clifford, the Special Counsel to President Truman, to the Secretary of State

Dear Dean: The President has carefully read your memorandum to him with reference to the Wedemeyer Report on China. I am returning herewith your memorandum containing the President’s approval of your recommendation that the Wedemeyer Report on China be released as a part of the State Department’s White Paper on United States policy toward China. You are also authorized to inform the Senate Subcommittee on Appropriations of the reasons why the Report was not previously published, and to inform the Subcommittee that the State Department expects to release the Report as a part of the White Paper.

The President informs me that he agrees with you that developments in Shanghai8 would control the date of the release of the White Paper. The President asks that a draft of the White Paper be submitted to him for approval prior to its release.

Very sincerely yours,

Clark M. Clifford