Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of Chinese Affairs (Sprouse)

Participants: Mr. H. A. Graves, Counselor, British Embassy
Mr. Livingston T. Merchant, FE
Mr. Philip D. Sprouse, CA

During a call by Mr. Graves this afternoon on another subject, Mr. Sprouse took the occasion to read to him the telegram, dated December 3, addressed by the Tibetan Cabinet to the Secretary asking the U.S. Government to assist Tibet in obtaining membership in the United Nations. Mr. Sprouse informed Mr. Graves that the Department had not yet reached a decision with respect to its reply to this request and asked whether the British Government had received a similar request and, if so, what its views were. He added that it would be helpful to have an indication of the British views regarding this matter in any event.

Mr. Graves replied that he did not know whether such an appeal had been received by the British Government but that he would inquire of the Foreign Office and inform the Department in due course.34

  1. On December 16 such receipt was confirmed by the British Embassy.