893.00 Tibet/7–249: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in India (Henderson)

530. In process reconsideration US long term policy re Tibet Dept appreciates ur contributions Embdes 302 Apr 12 and Embtel 741 [Page 1079]July 2. Type Mission you suggest 741 appears polit[ical]ly undesirable view overall considerations.

Dept currently considering and wld appreciate ur comment possibilities covert mission along one of the fol lines:

Minimum expedition undertaken immed by Jefferson Jones,17 perhaps accompanied by similar rep Brit High Commissioner’s Office New Delhi ostensibly personally arranged unofficial and during Fon-Serv leave. Actually time not to be counted against Jones’ leave and expedition financed by US in whole or in partnership with Brit. This expedition to remain Lhasa perhaps 2 weeks having as its objective survey current polit situation and recommendations re feasibility eventual establishment Consular representation after Chinese suzerainty question no longer obstacle.
Expedition headed by experienced explorer-scholar, such as Schuyler Cammonn, University of Pennsylvania, with established reputation and prima facie justification trip. This expedition also to be accompanied by Jones ostensibly on leave who wld return earliest with prelim report. Cammonn to remain major portion year under scientific cover but observing polit trends.

Dept concerned re practicability either alternative this year due climate conditions intervening passes. Pls comment this point as well as ur estimate cost of expedition and suggestions extent GoI shld be taken into confidence. No candidates second proposal being approached prior receipt ur recommendations.

  1. Second Secretary of Embassy.