Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Chinese Affairs (Sprouse)

Mr. Tsui28 called by appointment this afternoon and said that he had been requested by the Ambassador, pursuant to instructions from Acting Foreign Minister George Yeh, to suggest the desirability of the Department’s directing Minister-Counselor Clark at Canton not to transmit to Ambassador Stuart at Nanking any communications regarding matters concerning the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Tsui presented this suggestion somewhat apologetically.

I informed Mr. Tsui that Minister-Counselor Clark was in communication with Ambassador Stuart only by radio, as are the Department [Page 741] and Consulate General at Shanghai, and I did not understand the concern of the Acting Foreign Minister with respect to communications between Mr. Clark and the Ambassador. I gave no indication that we would even consider complying with such a request.

  1. Tswen-ling Tsui, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy.