124.93/5–249: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

916. Close confinement diplomatic personnel greatly relaxed by May 2. American Ambassador’s compound still guarded, but all personnel except Ambassador permitted come to Chancery. Ambassador for first time tried come to Chancery, but guards, who knew his identity, said that for his own protection he should not leave compound. Italian Ambassador who lives across street also turned back. Guards at Chancery compound removed and personnel moving freely in and out on foot. Embassy officer in jeep travelled downtown and back without being challenged. However, Military Attaché in sedan stopped coming out of his office compound which on same side street as Ambassador’s compound, but permitted proceed after orally assuring guards they would not be responsible for anything that might happen as result. Letter now being sent Military Control Commission requesting instructions be issued guards at Ambassador’s residence to permit him go to and from office, pointing out present situation prevents him carrying out official duties.

Sent Department; repeated OffEmb Canton 339, Shanghai 485.