124.93/4–3049: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

906. After negotiations with guard at residence compound resulting in signed stipulation guard would not be held responsible for any mishap to them, Jones, Cory and Anderson were released a. m. 29th and succeeded reaching Chancery compound. Guard at Chancery side entrance established for first time, but disappeared after few hours, possibly because of bad weather. Same true of residence Assistant Naval Attaché Kutchera,26 with no one allowed leave or enter during afternoon. However, control at main entrance Chancery considerably relaxed, believed owing to: 1. Change of guard personnel; 2. Cold rain and wind; 3. Capriciousness. Embassy has been canvassing missionaries so far as possible by telephone and has had no report of any interference with them either at homes or offices, although several have been warned to get off streets by sentries at certain intersections.

On 29th Clough made second trip to Control Commission and presented new letter requesting interview for Military Attaché with Liu Po-cheng. Also asked urgently for interview with responsible official to discuss question isolation Beebe House where for 2 days occupants have been prevented from sending out for food and fuel. Was told responsible official not in office at that time but that matter would be reported him and he would telephone Embassy. Expect official will not telephone and if Embassy unable obtain action by telephoning will attempt negotiate on spot with guards or with their immediate superiors, if such can be found.

Report received a. m. 30th [that] guard blockading house, Associated Press Correspondent Seymour Topping has disappeared and [Page 736] that Australian and British Ambassadors now permitted use automobiles.

Sent Department 906, repeated Canton 336, Shanghai 483.

  1. Lt. (jg.) Dean J. Kutchera.