124.931/4–2749: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of state

879. ReDeptel 516, April 25, repeated American Embassy Canton 108, Shanghai 738. Military Attaché called at former OMEA5 headquarters at 4:30, April 26, to make oral protest reftel and leave memo if necessary. These headquarters believed political branch PLA6 but are only offices yet known to Embassy. After 20–minute delay, received by Captain who said his battalion commander unwilling talk to Americans and that anything we had to say could be said to him. He then launched into political tirade denouncing Americans as aiding Kmt,7 imperialists, etc. Attaché left card with phone number saying would return if given appointment with officer rank of general or better. Attaché received only evasive answers to questions on location general headquarters and name Supreme Commander, Nanking. Efforts to locate headquarters will be renewed today.

Sent Department 879, repeated OffEmb Canton 318, Shanghai 460.

  1. Officers Moral Endeavour Association.
  2. People’s Liberation Army (Communist).
  3. Kuomintang (Nationalist Party).