124.931/4–2549: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

856. The Ambassador’s residence was violated this morning at 6:45 by 12 armed Communist soldiers. They persuaded the Chinese porter to open the front gate of the compound and then came in the back door of the residence where they asked the servants how many Chinese and how many foreigners lived in the residence and where the Ambassador was. On receiving reply to the last question, the soldiers all mounted the stairway promptly, went to the Ambassador’s room and entered. The Ambassador was not quite awake at that hour and their appearance in his bedroom was something of a shock. While they did not threaten him, the first to enter room spoke in loud and angry tones. Those that followed were more civil and said that they had come to “look around”. They wandered about the bedroom inspecting its contents and making remarks to effect that all this would eventually go to people to whom it should belong anyway.

They questioned Mr. Fugh1 but did not inspect his room. They refused to let Anderberg2 into the Ambassador’s bedroom and forced him back into his own room at the point of a gun. They inspected his room and asked him his nationality; after which inspected other bedrooms. They then left the house and the compound without having removed anything. They told one of the servants that the Ambassador should not leave the compound but this was not conveyed to the Ambassador or any member of his official staff. No other houses in the compound were visited.

Sent Department, repeated OffEmb Canton 301, Shanghai 440, Peiping 133.

  1. Philip Fugh, Chinese personal secretary to Ambassador Stuart.
  2. Edward Anderberg, Jr., Economic Analyst of the Embassy.