The Chinese Ambassador (Koo) to the Secretary of State

The Chinese Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and, referring to the Ambassador’s memorandum of January 21, 1949, has the honor to inform the Secretary that the Chinese Government has decided to move the Capital from Nanking to Canton, and that effective from February 5, 1949, Canton will be the legal seat of the Chinese Government. Every effort will be made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the several diplomatic missions in their change of residence. To that end all the missions have been asked to send representatives to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at their earliest convenience for consultation in regard to such removal and related matters. It is requested that the United States Government will instruct its Ambassador to China to take up his residence in Canton as soon as possible.

Pursuant to the determination of the Chinese Government to restore peace, the Executive Yuan has decided to issue cease-fire orders to its troops and designated representatives to undertake peace negotiations. However, after the lapse of six days there is still no response from the Communist Party. Instead, its armies are still exploiting every opportunity to advance. As a measure of precaution the Government has of necessity to move the Capital to the south, though it will continue to persevere in the effort to bring peace to the nation.