The Chinese Ambassador ( Koo ) to the Secretary of State


The Chinese Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and, pursuant to instructions, has the honor to inform him that the Chinese Government intends to move the capital from Nanking [Page 660] to Canton should it be found impossible to reach satisfactory terms with the Communist Party for the restoration of peace. It is requested, as also of the governments of the other Powers maintaining diplomatic missions in Nanking, that, in that event, the Ambassador of the United States accredited to the Chinese Government, his staff, and members of their families will also move to Canton in order to be near to the seat of the Government. Transportation facilities from Nanking to Canton and suitable living quarters in the latter city will be provided by the Chinese Government without charge. It is understood, however, that the number of staff members of the United States Mission to remain in Nanking to attend to matters dealing with the protection of United States nationals is to be decided by the United States Government.