701.0093/1–1949: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

149. At a meeting this afternoon of “North Atlantic group”10 the Chiefs of Mission of UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and [Page 659] myself discussed at length Chinese Government request that Diplomatic Corps follow it Canton (see mytel 146, January 19). It was immediately obvious that none of other Ambassadors wanted to go to Canton and there was almost unanimous sentiment for procrastination in replying to Chinese. There was complete unanimity that group stick together and present united front to National Government.

It was finally agreed that each Chief of Mission would recommend to his government (1) That no move be made without more evidence of real intention part of Government to move to Canton and (2) That should Government actually move to Canton each Ambassador send senior officer of his staff, possibly accompanied by others to Canton, to maintain contact preserving position of Ambassador himself for future consideration.

British and French Ambassadors emphasized need for unanimity. Dutch and Canadian Ambassadors agreed. We have been told separately by Siamese, Indian and Egyptian Ambassadors that they will follow Anglo-American lead in this decision. We are inclined to believe today’s press reports that Soviet Ambassador, Czech and Polish Chargés will follow Government to Canton when invited.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai 78.

  1. For list of governments which negotiated establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, see the North Atlantic Treaty signed at Washington, April 4, 1949; Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1964, or 63 Stat. (pt. 2) 2241.