893.001 Chiang Kai-shek/7–1749: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 752. According Chu Chang-wei, political advisor Li Tsung-jen, Li still doesn’t like Generalissimo visit Baguio, but is inclined let matter drop as water over dam. Chu says Generalissimo reports no military alliance contemplated primarily because he said some Philippine commitments US. Agreement, if possible, will be in political and economic fields with idea unifying and fortifying resistance Communist advance Far East. Wu Tieh-cheng’s visit Japan is in this connection and he will go on to Korea.

Chu says differences between Li and Generalissimo remain, but that Li is determined do everything reasonable get together with Generalissimo in unified resistance. Li insists, however, that Pai Chung-hsi be appointed Minister National Defense, saying Yen Hsi-shan is too old and has too much else to do. George Yeh13 will likely be appointed Foreign Minister.

Chu thinks Generalissimo may remain Canton14 possibly week longer iron out many party difficulties. Supreme Policy Committee has definitely been agreed to and will hold its first meeting any day. It will replace Central Political Committee and Central Executive Committee as organ through which Kmt will control government. Chu says even though Generalissimo camp will have large representation, Li feels his ideas will receive more consideration in smaller body of which he is vice chairman than they have had or might be expected to receive in the larger CPC and CEC.

Am seeing Wang Shih-chieh15 tonight and will report further.

Sent Department Cantel 752; repeated Nanking 498; Shanghai 427.

  1. Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. He arrived at Canton on July 14, 1949.
  3. Former Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs.