893.00/7–1249: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1482. ReEmbtel 1443, July 6 to Department. In conversation with Huang Hua91 July 2, Philip Fugh92 asked him what he thought of Mao’s July 1 article “on people’s democratic dictatorship”. Huang replied that he thought spirit and principles were about same as Mao’s speech of June 15 to preparatory meeting for new PCC.93 Fugh disagreed on ground that June speech had softer tone and indicated more liberal foreign policy than July article which clearly stated there is no middle ground and that CCP94 is unreservedly on side of USSR. To this Huang responded that Mao could not but talk in that vein. Against Fugh’s insistence that two pronouncements are contradictory, Huang reiterated that he was unable to add any more. To Fugh’s observation that Mao’s article implied China will hereafter have relations only with USSR, Huang protested that Mao had said nothing of kind.

We have impression that Huang is disappointed by Mao’s July 1 article in its foreign policy implication. We believe that his sympathies are with the so-called liberal wing led by Chou En-lai95 and that he had been highly encouraged, optimistic by Mao’s speech last month to preparatory meeting PCC. Unequivocal statement foreign–domestic policy contained in Mao’s later article implied decline of “liberal wing” (if indeed such exists) and victory for pro-Soviet reactionaries led by Liu Shao-chi. While our local director of aliens affairs could not but defend July 1 article, his defense was without enthusiasm. Nevertheless, he will fall into line and we may expect more cautious, less cooperative attitude toward our problems and occidentals generally.

Sent Department, repeated Embassy Canton 622, Shanghai 827.

  1. Director of Communist alien affairs office of military control commission, Nanking.
  2. Chinese personal secretary of Ambassador Stuart.
  3. Political Consultative Conference.
  4. Chinese Communist Party.
  5. Member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and its Politburo.